Thursday 110921 Clean and Jerk AMRAP

Bon Voyage Johnny and soon Jessica!  Johnny took off yesterday morning for his new job in Oklahoma City.  He is driving there at this very moment, to arrive in 2 days.  Jessica will follow him out near the end of the month.  Saturday July 30th party at CrossFit FishBowl (Scott and Kendra’s house) will serve as the official going away party.  Jessica will be there and we hope that Johnny will be able to fly back into town to make it!  More official words of appreciation to come at that time 🙂

Johnny did “Michael” then headed out to OK!

Thursday’s WOD- This is a revisit (at a scaled weight) of the CrossFit Games Sectionals WOD
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Squat clean and Jerk (one point for each movement)
Use 80% of 1RM, if one is less than the other, choose the greater weight.
Point number of points and load to journals/chalkboard.