Sunday Hike Outing: Kanan to Corral Canyon

Meeting at 9am on Kanan Road just north of the first tunnel, assuming you are coming from Malibu.  The parking lot is on the west side of Kanan and is adjacent to West Newton Canyon Road.  We will park here and then hike east bound on the Backbone Trail until we reach the top of Corral Canyon Road where it intersects with the Castro Motorway.  We will have a car parked there- then will drive you back to Kanan.

Watch out for this stuff, Lee!

So far there are only 4 people who have RSVPed… so we will only have one car stashed at the end of the hike… if you are coming, please send Mike a text tonight!

I will bring with me: 2 x 32oz water bottles, some snacks (apple, beef jerky, etc), sun block and hat in a small backpack.  Bring with YOU what you like.

The hike is roughly 6 miles… perhaps 2.5-3 hours.  But I take no responsibility for being right about that 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sunday Hike Outing: Kanan to Corral Canyon

  1. Already itching from the photo itself. The park website says this is 6.9. Should be a nice walk.

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