Thursday 110526 A Deadlift -Free Thursday!

Can you believe it?  It is Thursday and NO DEADLIFTS in the WOD today.  We will have to wait to see what gets drawn from the remaining 3 workouts… and we still have some significantly technical and demanding requirements left to complete!

Cullen from CrossFit Integrity in Charleston, SC dropped in for a visit WOD Wednesday… in town after spending some months as an Air Force pilot serving in the Middle East.  Scott and Mike met Cullen on New Year’s Eve day on their Deep and Dirty Southern States CrossFit Atlas Stone Give-Away Roadtrip.  Glad to show him some Southern (California) hospitality on his visit to Malibu.  And he killed this WOD!

Cullen jumps on the Deadlift train with Kathleen

Thursday’s WOD:
Neither deadlifts, HSPUs, nor the chipper!
Will it be 4×100, Amanda, or the Thruster Ladder?  Be at the 6am and pull your card.