Monday 110124 Cleans- 3RM

Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
Post loads to chalkboard/journals.
Laurie trains bar dips on the new piece of equipment outside the Annex during a WOD last week.  Use these bars to get stronger at this important functional movement.  Here is the scenario:
you are stuck in a basement prison cell in southeast asia.  You scrape together the necessary ingredients, MacGyver style, to form a crude blasting device and then blow a 3′ diameter hole in the 8′ roof.  Jumping up, you get your hands up through the hole as you fingertips crimp to edge of the slab.  From here, you easily pull yourself up to chest level, kip the feet, and readjust the hands so the palms are on the 1st floor- legs dangling with no footholds.  Here is the dip! Press to a stand, beat up a guard and you are free! All because you practiced bar dips on back, behind the Hut.  

For a warmup, during a skill session, after a workout- head outside and get some dips.

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