Tuesday 110111 Row and Wall Ball Shots

For time:
Row 2K
50 Wall-ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
Row 1K
35 Wall-ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
Row 500 meters
20 Wall-ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
Post time to journals/chalkboards.

Max rep ring pushups at CrossFit Montgomery…”The Boneyard”.  This box reminds me a lot of the Hut… while there is little that is the same in terms of their set up or their building… the FEEL of the place was similar to CrossFit Malibu.  And while they are located in a run down warehouse part of town that feels desolate, when you open the big metal doors… lots of good energy and great coaching, warm camaraderie among the athletes and TONS of work is getting done.

***Reminder for 7pm special HERO WOD… “Bear Shark” will be run at 7pm as close to as Rx as possible, in memory of 3 Marines -Staff Sargent Matt Ingham, Corporal Jamie Lowe, and Corporal Nicholas Uzenski, all killed in combat on January 11 in Afghanistan.  These were members of a battalion that included Josh and Jason  Ingham- owners of CrossFit Ragnarok.  They shared their story with us and wanted us to share in commemorating the death of their friends and fellow Marines.  This WOD will come up on the CrossFit.com main page in the future.  You get a sneak preview of it- come suffer together as a group for a good cause.