Monday 110110 Bench and Row

Three rounds, each for time of:
Body weight Bench press, 30 reps
Row 500 meters
-rest as needed, until recovered
Body weight Bench press, 20 reps
Row 1000 meters
-rest as needed, until recovered
Body weight Bench press, 10 reps
Row 2000 meters
Post loads and times for each couplet to journals/chalkboard.

Looking forward to being back at the Hut this week!  Lots of stories to tell about CrossFit Dirty South Tour… and many things going on at CFM to share as well.

This week highlights are:
Monday, 6pm- NEW strength night with Ondrej; a 1 hour session of pure strength instead of the WOD
Tuesday, 9am- NEW morning WOD, for all those who called out for another mid week, mid am- come in!
Tuesday, 7pm- a HERO WOD, in memory of 3 Marines in CF Ragnarok’s Batallion… come suffer together.
Wed’day, 6pm- Ondrej strength WOD… this class has been meeting for over a month now… come try it.
Saturday WOD 10am- will meet off site- NOT at the Hut… stay tuned for more details.

Ollie the new Intern begins this week- say HI to him, also quite a few prospective members coming in for intro sessions- please introduce yourselves to them! Encourage them by telling them your experiences.

Happy to see you all during the coming week!