Saturday 110108 Name Your Nemesis

Head-to-Head AMRAP Jessica and Ondrej will coach you through the details. Any more info than that and you might not sleep well!

The final full day of The trip… So here is the last post from CrossFit Southeast, part 11!

We were invited to spend the night at CrossFit Montgomery member’s house- Christy and Joh, after Montgomery Mexican food dinner. SO nice to have a warm bed, comfortable bed AND MOST important: a shower! Not an appropriate forum for any more details on that! They DID say that we didn’t smell bad AT ALL. Southerners are so polite. Really… We chose the south to take full opportunity to experience the hospitality, and it lives well up to the reputation.

Spent the morning at the Rosa Parks Museum in downtown… A big reminder of the not so good old days in the USA. Then passed directly by the intersection of MOntgomery and Lee, where the police boarded the bus to take her to jail. “Well behaved women rarely make history.”
Back on the road up the I-85 a few hours and into ATL. We hit CrossFit Rx for yet another hero WOD… This time a main-pager, “Rankel.” again- a great space with very friendly owners/coaches Damon and Laura (a Games competitor!). Our final box was to CFAtl, Georgia’s first CrossFit gym. Owner Don is known as the godfather, sOrt of the CF Santa Cruz of the south,as so many of his athletes and coaches went on to open successful affiliates. No WOD there, just a beer and a chat with Coach Bethanie-a CA native, grad student and 2-time affiliate team member, placing 14th and 8th at the Games in past years.
A final night dinner- fitting farewell BBQ spot…and now comfortably checked into Walmart for a good night of rest.