Thursday 110106 Cindy

20 minute AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Post number of rounds to chalkboards/journals.

**you have done this before! Find a compare date… And destroy your previous PR!

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Robert after a successful knee surgery yesterday. He asked me to thank you all for the thoughts, prayers and messages he received from the CFM community. I am sure we will see Robert in a few once the swelling goes down and he can get on the bike and rower.

CrossFit Panhandle part 9 is going strong. A long sleep in J’ville, huge breakfast at Metro Diner “where the locals eat” and a few hour drive to Tallassee in some thunder storms. Hit the four pm WOD at CF Black Box- just what the Dr ordered. A strength set of bench press then a 10 min AMRAP of 40 double unders and sit ups… Great for recovering from a heavy last couple days. The group at CFBB was young and energetic- led by coach Tripp. A great space- not unlike CFM, a small footprint and well utilized space. With 2 colleges nearby, this box is only going to get bigger and stronger, fast. Back on the road now towards Pensacola. Once again in heavy rain.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 110106 Cindy

  1. Previous PR was 16 rounds. Did 17 rounds +5+6 at 6 am.

    You guys must be wiped out after doing a WOD a day for a week. When you do you get a rest day?

  2. Nice job Curtis!!! I knew you would be happy about Cindy. Tired, but living on adrenaline and recovery shakes! Tonight- first shower in 5 WODs/3 days 🙂

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