Wednesday 110105 deadlifts and burpees!

5 rounds for time of:
50% 1RM deadlift 10 reps
10 burpees

Post time and load used to chalkboards/journals.

Today was started out early at CrossFit SouthSide with a modified Barbara.  A really solid class, run by owner, Justin- who is also the CrossFit Games business director.  He confirmed that this year’s Games will be at the Home Depot Center… And he runs a REALLY solid class.

Then a big breakfast and a movie- The Fighter – a welcome midday break.  Another PR on Atlas stone making back at CF Ragnarök- 52 minutes! We will likely be in Tallahassee to give them away tomorrow.

Lululemon run club in Jacksonville, FLA… Fast 5k run to finish off the real work today.

More work at 2 for 1 Wings following run club.  Here are Be-bop, Josh and Amber from Ragnarök… Doing their best to eat more wings than humanly possible.

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