CrossFit Southern Style Part III

Freezing temperatures overnight, but with the RV plugged into Mike’s sisters garage outlet the RV heater maintained a balmy 70 degrees and no frozen pipes.  Warm inside we slept in a bit with some ham and eggs with Robert and bro-in-law Scott (here on out referred to as “Morrie”)- coffee of course as we planned our first laidback day since the start.  A relaxing day began with a tour thru the former PTL campus- again remember Tammy Faye and Jim Baker).  Scott was pretty much in Heaven.  A favorite site was the castle-like structure intended to be the world’s largest Wendy’s.  Impressive… and would be an AMAZING CF box opportunity. 

The tour continued with Morrie’s start up church “The Gathering” … a 6000ft “box” of its own… much in common logistically in setting up the Hut- yet one saving souls, the other the body.  Moving on to Muscle Driver HQ!  We dropped in to say HI to a fitness equipment dealer where CFM purchased many items- like the assistance pull up bands and rings.  Check it out if you ever want to buy your own home gym things.  We also spent some time shopping in the “dented and scratched room” and bought a few gently used pieces of CrossFit goodness.  
On to Lowe’s Hardware where we bought all the supplies for making Atlas Stones… and also threw out the Facebook challenge of: “Do 10 Burpees where ever you are- post location to comments.”  MANY responses- ranging from locations as diverse as Switzerland, Maryland (Leanne) and Tulare (that’s a shout out to Big Mike of course!)  Other side trips to Niece Emily’s Starbucks, thrift shop etc… and back to the house to make 3 heavy stones.  Wonder which CrossFit box will be the first recipient of these fine parting gifts?!
Then off to CrossFit Steele Creek a few miles away in North Carolina for CrossFit Total…. some strength work was a welcome “break.”  Owners Brian and Lisa Stump, who are also chiropractors with a clinic housed within the box, were very hospitable.  Firefighter and part-time CFSC coach, Aaron spent some time working with Mike and Scott on the back squat while also taking time with a new member.  The flying pull up/muscle-up/rings/wall-ball structure handmade by Aaron… an amazing piece of functional architecture. Ah, to be a competent welder… and have 20+ foot ceilings to support a structure like that!  Home cooked food, laundry and some time looking over maps and websites of CF boxes within a 3-4 hour radius; the big question is, Where will 
we work out and then spend new years eve?
Deadlift prep: check out the architecture.
Atlas Stone Gothic

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  1. SOOOO GREAT! Please keep the write-ups coming ~ we all love reading about the adventures you two crazy crossfitters are having ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR Mike, Scott and all you members of CF Malibu! KB (a.k.a. Just Kristin, Member #37, Proud Participant in The Peace, Love, Flowers and, not to be forgotten, Chit Chat 9AM Class :))

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